A Day Of Pampering With Jean Claude Biguine!

Jean Claude Biguine

Meetings, travels, brainstorming sessions – the past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activities for our team… and we wouldn’t have it any other way! But, even the most sprightly of editors require a break, so when Jean Claude Biguine offered me a day of pampering, I couldn’t resist the offer.

Jean Claude Biguine

Upon entering the salon, I was immediately whisked away for a gel nail treatment. The nail technician first pushed my cuticles back and buffed my nails to create a smooth surface for the lacquer. He then applied a coat of a bonding solution and a primer, which would help the polish to adhere to my tips. Post this, I was instructed to place my hands under a LED light for a few minutes. Next, came a clear base coat and a round of UV light.

Jean Claude Biguine

Jean Claude Biguine

Now came the fun part i.e. choosing the shade! I opted for a bright, cheery pink from Nubar Cosmetics called ‘Rad Raspberry’. After two coats of polish, with a UV light session after each, a top coat was applied. After the final round of UV light, I was asked to touch my nails. To my surprise, the texture felt sticky… which is normal! The technician then saturated a cotton ball with a special solution and swiped it onto my nails. The outcome? Non-sticky, glossy nails that were completely dry.

Jean Claude Biguine

Next, came the SP Alchemy hair spa. After a series of questions based on my hair type (greasy scalp, dry ends) and the products I use (a rotating blend shampoos and conditioners), I was taken in for a hair wash.

Jean Claude Biguine

Since my hair is frizzy and damaged, a Keratin Restore Mask was chosen for me. Post the wash, this mask was painstaking painted on from the mid-lengths to the ends of my locks. A heavenly massage and five minutes of steaming allowed the mask to penetrate my tresses completely. My hair was then rinsed off and dried.

SP Keratin Restore Mask

Not only did my hair feel super soft, but also looked shiny and smooth. Jean Claude Biguine recommends five to six sessions of the SP Alchemy treatment, at intervals of three weeks, to really maximise the benefits, but I could feel the difference in just one sitting.

With nails that promise not to chip for three weeks, and a head full of touchable hair, I exited the salon feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I honestly cannot wait to go back!


Gel Nails – INR 1650.00 + taxes

SP Alchemy Hair Spa – INR 2500.00 + taxes

Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with Jean Claude Biguine India. All opinion(s) expressed are the author’s own.

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