Review: Moroccanoil Treatment

Moroccanoil Treatment

As much as we love facial oils, we are a bit iffy with their hair counterparts. Blame it on our childhood, but hair oils drum up memories of thick, occlusive products that took hours (if not days) to rinse out. However of late, our hair has a mind of its own! When our hairstylist suggested the Moroccanoil Treatment, we decided to give hair oils another chance. Here is our review.

The treatment comes in an amber glass bottle with a screw-on cap. Although the bottle is small enough to fit into a makeup bag, the glass packaging makes it hard to travel with. The absence of a dropper also causes extra product to seep out on application. The directions for use are printed on a sticker at the back of the bottle.

Moroccanoil Treatment

The instructions allow the oil to be used on both dry and damp locks, so we tried it both ways. Although the brown oil felt a tad sticky in our palms, it went on silkily on to our mane. The oil absorbed within a few minutes, leaving no residue. The product does have a musky scent to it, but it is hardly noticeable. We recommend that you use a lesser amount for dry hair, as using excess can make your tresses look greasy. Also, be sure to stay away from the roots to avoid a slicked down crown.

As for the results? Totally unexpected! Our hair has never felt softer or smoother before. These little drops manage to cut through our frizz to deliver glossy tresses that are worthy of a magazine spread. We’ve even taken to massaging a small amount through our hair, the night before we wash it, because this oil conditions like no other.

Shine enhancing, weightless and nourishing, this argan oil infused treatment is exactly what your hair needs. Trust us, if this bottle was travel-friendly, we would be toting it around the globe!

Price: USD 15.00/ INR 1035.00 for 25 mL

Posted on December 15, 2015 and filed under Hair.