Review: Essie Nail Polish In ‘B’aha moment!’

Essie Nail Polish In ‘B’aha moment!’

It may be the most clichéd thing ever, but pink is the most prevalent hue in our makeup kits. From blush-toned lipstick to hot pink eye shadow (hi, Selena Gomez), our love for this colour knows no bounds. Thus, it came as no surprise when we found ourselves buying a bottle of Essie’s ‘B’aha moment!’. Here is our review.

As with all Essie lacquers, this one too comes packaged in a transparent glass bottle. The shade name can be found on a sticker that is stuck to the cap. The cap also comes attached with a brush, which is definitely superior in its quality. The dense bristles pick up plenty of colour, whilst the square tip covers most of the area in one single stroke.

Essie Nail Polish In ‘B’aha moment!’

In terms of formula, this polish does not disappoint. The product went on smoothly, without any bubbling or streaking. ‘B’aha moment!’ is a stunning pomegranate hue that will suit any skin tone. One coat is enough to provide an opaque, pigmented layer.

Essie Nail Polish In ‘B’aha moment!’

We’ve been flaunting this shade for over a week now and have been seriously impressed with the results. Despite several pool sessions and lengthy hours clacking away at the keyboard, this lacquer hasn’t chipped at all. The colour has stayed true and rich, without any signs of fading or dulling.

Long lasting, creamy and saturated, this pink polish is our new go-to colour. Although the lacquer is a part of the brand’s Spring 2017 collection, we can see ourselves wearing it all year long!

Price: USD 9.00

Posted on June 1, 2017 and filed under Nail Polish.