Review: Essie Nail Polish In 'Kimono-Over'

Essie Nail Polish In 'Kimono-Over'

You know how they say that your makeup reflects your mood? Well, it’s definitely true in my case! In the midst of one of the coldest and gloomiest days this winter, I found myself perusing an aisle containing nail paints. Rather than veering towards my usual preference of brights, I found myself reaching for the moodiest and darkest shade I could find. Thus, here is my review of Essie’s ‘Kimono-Over’.

Like all the other lacquers from this brand, this one too comes in a transparent, glass bottle with the trademark white lettering. The shade is mentioned on a sticker that’s on the cap. The attached brush is slimmer than Essie’s usual brushes and has a flat, square tip.

Essie Nail Polish In 'Kimono-Over'

In terms of formula, the colour went on smoothly and evenly, without streaking or bubbling. The brand’s description is bang on, as ‘Kimono-Over’ really does resemble the colour of a damson plum and has a solid finish. Unlike several deeper hues, this creamy purple does not look black – no matter how many coats you apply. To get the maximum opacity, I recommend layering on two coats.

Essie Nail Polish In 'Kimono-Over'

Unfortunately, the polish let me down when it came to longevity. Whilst the formula did stay chip-free and rich throughout the week, it was prone to nicks and dents. I’ve found that applying a thin layer of top coat does help in remedying this.

Pigmented, mysterious and true in colour, this purple polish definitely gives off major fall and winter vibes. Despite its flaws, I know I’ll be wearing it again when the temperatures dip.

Price: USD 9.00

Posted on March 21, 2018 and filed under Nail Polish.