Review: Essie Nail Polish In ‘Lilacism’

Essie Nail Polish In ‘Lilacism’

When the temperatures start to dip, most people turn to moody nail polishes. However, we love cheering ourselves up with pretty hues! To combat our winter blues, we decided to paint our tips with Essie’s ‘Lilacism’. Here is our review.

Like all Essie polishes, this one too comes in a transparent, glass bottle with a white cap. The attached brush is narrower than most, but still allows for smooth application. The exact shade name is mentioned on a sticker beneath the bottle.

Essie Nail Polish In ‘Lilacism’

When it comes to the formula, it’s clear that the brand knows what they are doing. The colour went on smoothly, without any streaks or bubbles. The thin consistency makes it easier to apply multiple coats. ‘Lilacism’ is a beautiful, lilac hue with strong, blue undertones. To get the true colour, we recommend applying two coats.

Essie Nail Polish In ‘Lilacism’

As far as the longevity goes, you can definitely count on this bottle. The colour stayed rich and glossy for a week, with only minor chipping on the edges. The only strange thing we noticed is that the hue tends to look bluish-grey in some lights.

If you are looking for a nail paint to lift up your spirits, this pastel lacquer is the one to have. Cute, long wearing and shiny, this formula is a real winner. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Price: USD 8.50

Posted on January 25, 2017 and filed under Nail Polish.