Review: Essie Nail Polish In ‘Midnight Cami’

Essie Nail Polish In ‘Midnight Cami’

You know how your skincare routine revolves around the season you are in? My makeup routine is like that! Summer calls for bright and peppy hues, whilst winter has me hauling out my darkest shades. In honour of the upcoming snowy days and early nights, I decided to purchase Essie’s ‘Midnight Cami’. Here is my review.

The polish comes in a transparent, glass bottle with the brand’s trademark white lettering on it. The shade name is mentioned on a sticker that can be found on the cap. As with all the other lacquers, this one too comes with a dense, square-tipped brush.

Essie Nail Polish In ‘Midnight Cami’

Upon application, I found that the formula glided smoothly and uniformly, without any streaking or bubbling. ‘Midnight Cami’ is a stunning, deep blue, which can look nearly black in some lights. The subtle shimmer finish adds depth and mystery to the hue. Whilst one coat is enough, I’ve found that layering on an additional one provides maximum impact.

Essie Nail Polish In ‘Midnight Cami’

In terms of longevity, this baby definitely stands out! Unlike several dark polishes, this one did not chip or fade for a week. Post the ten day mark, I did notice that the glossy finish had dulled down a bit, but it was nothing a top coat couldn’t fix.

Edgy, pigmented and long lasting, this shimmery polish is definitely going to be my go-to shade this season. What about you?

Price: USD 9.00

Posted on November 22, 2017 and filed under Nail Polish.