Review: Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick In 'HD Petunia'

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick In 'HD Petunia'

We recently went shopping for a television for our office – Gilmore Girls has a way of making our creative juices flow! When we got to the store, our options were endless – Wi-Fi connectivity, wide screen, touch panels… the decision was mindboggling. The only thing we agreed upon, was that we needed a High Definition Television. Let’s face it, Luke and Lorelai’s banter is so much better without a blurry screen. So, when we stopped by the pharmacy on our way back, our hearts gave a little jump on seeing a HD lipstick. That’s right! Revlon’s latest Ultra HD Lipsticks promise to deliver high definition colour, in one swipe. Naturally we had to buy one, so here is our review of the shade, ‘HD Petunia’.

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick In 'HD Petunia'

The lipsticks come in a cute silver tube, with a clear plastic top. We love the satisfying sound that the cap makes when it clicks back into position. The product features a slanted bullet, rather than a traditional rounded one, which makes it easy to apply the colour. However, the lipstick does not completely reverse into the tube, so there are chances of the bullet being nicked by the cap. The shade name is mentioned on a sticker beneath the tube.

We applied the colour on to our bare lips, and were pleased at the balm-like feel of the lipstick. The product went on smoothly and weightlessly, without any tugging. One swipe provides near opaque coverage. Two coats give pigmented lips, with a slight glossy sheen that plumps up your pout. ‘HD Petunia’ is a gorgeous, berry pink shade that brings out the pink in every complexion. On the downside, the product does have quite a strong fragrance to it.

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick In 'HD Petunia'

We wore this lipstick out for tea with the girls, and were happy to see that it mostly survived through the mini-cupcakes and iced tea. After a heavier meal, the colour did transfer and fade, but left behind a pretty pink stain. We love the fact that the product kept our lips moisturized and soft all day long. The lipstick does tend to settle in to the lines of your lips, so we recommend that you use a lip liner before application.

Hydrating, lightweight and beautiful, ‘HD Petunia’ is a shade we can wear on an everyday basis. Work appropriate, yet playful, this lipstick is bound to liven up your pout! We also like to believe that Lorelai would rock this shade while sipping on her coffee. Now, excuse us while we go back to the Gilmore era.

Price: USD 8.99/ INR 1100

Posted on October 6, 2015 and filed under Lipstick.