5 Quick Fixes For All Your Makeup Mishaps!

Clockwise From The Top: 1) NYX Matte Lipstick In 'Indie Flick', 2) NARS Blush/Bronzer Duo, 3) Maybelline Hypercosmos Eyeshadow In 'CH-1' , 4) Clinique Superfit Foundation, and 5) beautyblender

We all know the feeling. You are just about to leave the house for a big meeting or a date, when you catch a glimpse of your reflection, only to find that your lipstick has smeared and your foundation has gone splotchy! Don’t worry though, we’ve got 5 quick fixes to turn you from a makeup mayhem to a makeup maven, within minutes.

1.     What To Do When You’ve Applied Too Much Foundation

There’s nothing worse than poorly applied foundation. Wet a makeup sponge, like the beautyblender, to buff and blend the product evenly across your face.

2.     What To Do When Your Eyeshadow Has Fallen On To Your Cheek

A blink of a smoky eye, and you find yourself with black eyeshadow on your cheekbone. Dip a cotton bud into a pot of eye cream and sweep the shadow away. If your eyeshadow contains large, glittery particles, stick a scotch tape where the fall out has occurred and gently peel it off.  

3.     What To Do When Your Mascara Has Gone Clumpy

Although goopy lashes may be trending on the runway, the look doesn’t go too well in real life. Use a clean spoolie brush or mascara wand and smear it with a tiny bit of Vaseline. Comb through your lashes to get a feathery, glossy look.

4.     What To Do When Your Lipstick Has Gone All Over The Place

Is your red lipstick making you look more like the Joker, rather than Taylor Swift? If so, then reach for your concealer. Dot a tiny amount on to a cotton bud, and run it along the edges of your lip to clean it up. As for lipsticks that migrate to your teeth, simply pop your index finger in your mouth and pull it out to remove any excess lipstick.

5.     What To Do When You Put On Too Much Blush Or Bronzer

A rosy tint and a hint of bronzer can give you the perfect sun kissed glow. However, applying too much of these products is a strict no-no. Fix your mistake by swirling a clean powder brush over the affected area. Tap out the excess product periodically, until you reach your desired shade. If you’ve gone too dark, lightly dust a translucent powder to tone down to colour.

The next time you get a bit heavy-handed with your makeup, don’t panic! These 5 beauty hacks are here to save your day.