7 Alternative Ways To Use Eye Shadow!

7 Alternative Ways To Use Eye Shadow

Applying eye shadow is no joke. I mean, the hordes of tutorials, videos and articles giving a step-by-step method is proof of this fact! However, we’ve recently realised that eye shadows are the unsung heroes of the makeup industry. Behold 7 alternative ways to use these products!

1.     As A Liner

We’ll start with the most obvious use – turning a shadow into an eye liner. All you need is a stiff, damp brush and a powder formula.

2.     For Contouring

Why spend money on a bronzer when you’ve got a neutral palette staring at you? Use a matte brown shade to contour in the hollows of your cheeks.

3.     To Highlight

Bring radiance to your face with a shimmery shadow. Opt for a colour two shades lighter than your skin tone, and apply it down the bridge of your nose, on your cheekbones and above your Cupid’s bow.

4.     As A Blush

Pink, apricots and red shadows can easily double up as rouge! We recommend using cream shadows as they blend easily to give a natural finish.

5.     As A Lip Tint

If you are looking to experiment with lipstick colours, don’t rush out to buy an array. Instead, mix Vaseline with your eye shadow to create sheer lip stain.

6.     To Fill Up Your Brows

Thick brows are in vogue. Choose a shade that matches your brows perfectly and use short strokes to define them.

7.     As A Nail Paint

Just like you created a lip tint, you can even make nail polishes! Mix a powder shadow with a clear top coat, and swipe away!

How cool are these tricks? Not only do these hacks help us save a ton of money, but also makes us feel like a scientist!