A Handy Guide To Pronouncing Your Favourite Beauty Brands!

How often have you gone up to a makeup counter only to fumble over the pronunciation of a brand? Accent marks, silent syllables, all out trickery – these factors make it hard for even the savviest of makeup lovers to navigate the confusing world of beauty. To save ourselves (and you!) from committing a beauty faux pas, we decided to list out the correct pronunciation for some of our favourite brands.

Boscia (bo-sha)

Wait, what?! Although we adore every product that this brand produces, the actual pronunciation is a shock to us too!

Chanel (sha-nel)

Despite launching award-winning eye shadows and drool-worthy nail lacquers, Chanel is the most commonly mispronounced brand!

Guerlain (gher-lahn)

It only makes sense that one of the fanciest brands, has such a fancy way of articulating it. A swipe of their pretty lipsticks definitely makes us feel posh and sophisticated.

Lancôme (lohn-cohm)

Saying Lancôme aloud makes us feel très chic! Practice the name while checking out their gorgeous lipsticks.

L’Occitane (lox-ee-tahn)

Sleepovers are made of bad movies, junk food and L’Occitane home spas. Show off your knowledge by getting the name right.

NYX (nix)

Revered by bloggers all around the globe, this amazing and affordable line of makeup has a surprising pronunciation to its name.

Shiseido (sheh-say-doe)

The next time you need a lipstick or a moisturizer, turn to this all-encompassing Japanese brand.

Yves Saint Laurent (eve-sain-lowhron)

Considering that they made the world’s most popular highlighter, Touche Éclat, YSL’s full name is one of the hardest to get right.

Comment and let us know which of these surprised you the most!