Have You Mastered The Basics Of Blush?

1) Estee Lauder Tender Blush in 'Nude Rose', 2) MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush in 'Peachykeen', and 3) Sephora Blush in 'Orange Pop'

When we list out our beauty essentials, we talk about eye liners, mascaras, foundations etc., but very rarely do we discuss blushes. The most underrated makeup product of all time, these little pots have the magic ability to transform our skin from sallow to rosy, in one swipe. Here are a few blush basics to get you started on your journey to flushed cheeks!

Which Formula To Use

The world of blush is filled with options. Those with oily skin should use powder blushes, while dry skinned ladies can fake a dewy blush with cream formulas. Use gel or liquid products for a sheerer finish. Just remember to pair like with like – if you are using a creamy foundation, avoid using powder blushes as the formula will cake.

How To Choose The Right Shade

Honestly, there is no wrong answer here. Whether you opt for a hot pink, bright coral, muted red or even a purple, your cheeks are bound to look better! For the most natural looking flush, pick a shade that is closest to the colour of the inside of your lip. Don’t be afraid to experiment with matte or shimmer formulas!

What Tools You Need

For powder rouges, go for domed brushes that have dense fibres. Cream blushes can be applied with the help of makeup sponges like the beautyblender. As for liquid tints, nothing works better than your God-given fingers!

Where To Apply It

Like contouring, applying rouge differs for each face shape. Those with round faces should apply it in a diagonal line from the apples of their cheeks towards the temples. Oval shaped girls should swipe some colour on to the apples of their cheeks, while those with square faces should apply it in a straight line from the sides of their noses.

How To Apply It

Till date, we’ve always patted on our blush after our foundation. However, we recently discovered a neat little trick that gives us a natural looking flush – simply reverse the order! By applying blush first, you give the illusion that the colour is coming from within your skin. Cream formulas work best for this trick.

Who needs to exercise for ruddy cheeks? Liven up your complexion with these easy tips!

Posted on July 24, 2015 and filed under Blush.