Make 2016 All About These 7 Beauty Resolutions!

Eating healthier? Watching more documentaries? Resolutions like these are so last year! Instead of making run-of-the-mill promises that we intend to break, we decided to invest our efforts into beauty resolutions. Trust us, these 7 rules will grant you the best skin, hair and makeup routine you’ve ever had!

1.     Embrace Sunscreen

Wear sunscreen – every single day! This topic may seem uninteresting, but your future self will thank you for the absence of sun spots and wrinkles.

2.     Try Out A New Brand

As we grow older, we tend to stick to labels that we are comfortable with. Switch things up by trying out one (or two!) of the many brands that have launched recently. Need advice? That’s what we're here for!

3.     Figure Out Your Signature

When you’ve only got minutes to preen, it’s best to follow a fool-proof plan. Whether you love fluttery lashes or a swipe of bright lipstick, your signature style will never let you down.

4.     Pamper Yourself

Once a week, indulge in a manicure, facial or hair mask. Not only will you be flaunting chic nails, glossy locks and dewy skin, but will also have a calmer mind. Win-win!

5.     Master A Classic Technique

If you find yourself bamboozled over the art of contouring or winged liner, consider 2016 your year to learn. After all, practice makes perfect.

6.     Experiment With Colour

Apart from an occasional swipe of purple lipstick, we’ve realised that most of us tend to stick to the usual reds, pinks, and blacks. Shake up your makeup by trying a vivid teal liner or an orange lipstick!

7.     Splurge

Be it a Christian Louboutin lipstick, or a Chanel eye shadow, splurge on one beauty product. Not only will you feel like a million bucks, but the quality of these luxe items is usually unparalleled.

When you’ve got resolutions as cool as these, there’s no breaking your willpower. Here’s to the most beautiful year of your life!