How One Writer Tackled Her Biggest Hair Problem!

How To Deal With Combination Hair

It’s easy to assume that beauty editors are born with flawless skin and shiny hair… but unfortunately, that isn’t true! However, the upside of working in such an environment is the great advice that floats around on a day-to-day basis. Thus, when I had the biggest hair emergency of my life, I turned to the people who knew the most i.e. my colleagues.

My hair has always been something I can rely on. Although it does tend to frizz, my wavy locks are mostly manageable. Lately however, my tresses have developed a mind of their own. Oily at the scalp and dry as the Sahara on the ends, my hair is now classified as ‘combination’. I’ve tried out a gazillion different products but all that’s done is make my scalp irritated, so as a team, we decided to tackle the issue one at a time. Here is what we did!

Problem One: Greasy Scalp

Full disclosure – I’m guilty of over-shampooing! In my defence, my roots get super oily within 36 hours, and dry shampoo isn’t enough. However, after 3-4 shampoo sessions, my locks turn stiff and greasy to touch. Since switching shampoo brands had no effect, we turned to the kitchen. By rinsing my hair every fortnight with diluted apple cider vinegar (3 parts water and 1 part vinegar), I’ve managed to clarify the gunk and calm my scalp down. Plus, the need for daily shampooing has disappeared!

Problem Two: Dry Ends

While the above step rebalanced my scalp, my ends remained parched. Thanks to a brainwave by our Beauty Editor, we decided to experiment by trying out a hair mask instead. All I had to do was skip the conditioner and apply a mask to the ends of my tresses for about 5 minutes. The result? Instantly softer hair! By using a mask for a short period of time, my mane stays hydrated, but not weighed down.

Problem Three: Frizz

Humidity is not my friend. Whilst I can tame my tresses with a flat iron, heat styling isn’t the healthiest option. That’s where Bed Head’s After Party comes in. A pump of this fruity cream eliminates all signs of frizz and adds a touch of shine. I’ve even taken to stowing a bottle in my desk drawer!

Although it sounds easy, this regime took a while to figure – but I’m not complaining! If you’ve ever had a hair emergency or a genius solution, share it with us in the comments below!



Posted on January 22, 2016 and filed under Hair, Hair Masks, Dry Shampoo.