Review: Foreo Luna Play

Foreo Luna Play

As insane as it sounds, I’ve never tried a cleansing brush before in my life! Although I love a deep cleanse as much as the next skincare addict, the thought of purchasing a brush to do the deed had never crossed my mind… till a month ago. After hearing me whine about the sudden cluster of blackheads on my nose and the dull pallor of my face, my co-workers ordered me to try out the Foreo Luna. Since I was skeptical about the results, I went ahead and purchased the more affordable option i.e. the Foreo Luna Play. Here is my review.

Let me start off by saying that this device looks NOTHING like a brush! The egg-shaped gadget is small enough to fit in the palm of my hands and is super lightweight. The front features an array of tiny silicone bristles, which dry quickly and stay free of any bacterial growth. The finer ones are intended for the cheeks and forehead, whilst the thicker ones allow for better cleansing of the T-zone. The back has a button to power up the device.

Foreo Luna Play

After reading the accompanying instruction booklet, I lathered up my damp skin with my regular face wash. Then, I wet the Luna Play with water and turned it on. The gentle vibrations felt great and gave my face a mini-massage. I was worried that the bristles would feel harsh on my skin, but to my delight they felt rather soft and did not irritate my skin in any way. As per the brand’s recommendation, I moved the device in circular motions all across my face for about a minute, before turning it off. A quick rinse later, I was ready to see the results.

From the first go, I noticed that my face looked visibly cleaner and brighter. The pulsations clearly helped dislodge all the pollutants, grime and residual makeup off my face. After a month of using it every night, my skin feels smoother and definitely looks more radiant. While it could not obliterate all the blackheads, it did decrease the lifetime of a few errant breakouts drastically. If you have sensitive skin, you can try using it every other night so as to not aggravate your skin.

Waterproof, soothing and effective, this travel-sized brush is a genius. It even comes in an array of cute colours that you can choose from. The only downside here is that it is non-rechargeable and thus will only work up to 100 uses. Honestly, with the results I’ve been seeing, I’ve got no doubt that I’m going to purchase the rechargeable version!

Price: USD 39.00

Posted on October 4, 2017 and filed under Skincare, Cleansing Brush, Skincare Device.