Review: Oribe Après Beach Wave And Shine Spray

Oribe Après Beach Wave And Shine Spray

With winter fast approaching, the balmy weather of summer seems like a distant dream. Although I miss spending the day by the ocean and sipping on cool margaritas, the thing I reminisce about the most is the natural, beachy waves I get after a dip in the water. Since I constantly (and loudly) sigh over the lack of texture in my hair, my co-workers gifted me a bottle of Oribe’s Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray. Here is my review.

The spray comes in a luxurious, aerosol bottle. The royal blue hue, along with the strands of gold on it, make it look like an absolute delight on my vanity. The ingredients and instructions for use are printed on the back.

As suggested, I shook the bottle and sprayed my locks generously, from the mid-lengths to the ends. What struck me first was the delicious scent that wafted out of the nozzle. Unlike traditional hairsprays, which have a chemical fragrance, this one smells like blend of flowers and fruits. After tousling and scrunching my hair a bit, I left the spray to do its thing.

Oribe Après Beach Wave And Shine Spray

The results? Effortlessly wavy hair. Whilst most salt sprays and texturisers dry my strands out, this one actually softens my hair and adds shine. However, if you have severely parched locks, I recommend that you prep your hair with a moisturising serum or oil before using this product. Another big plus point, is that this spray actually manages to reduce the halo of frizz around my head. The only downside is that the formula can cause knots, so it’s best to detangle your hair before misting it on. Whilst you can use this both on wet and dry hair, I found that my tresses respond better to this product when they are slightly damp. Those with stick-straight hair may need an extra spritz or two to touch-up.

If you want tousled, shiny waves, minus any crunch or sticky residue, this is the spray for you. I’ve already made plans to pick up the purse-friendly version!

Price: USD 42.00

Posted on November 1, 2017 and filed under Hair, Hair Styling.