Review: Lush Cup O’ Coffee Mask

Lush Cup O’ Coffee Mask

It is a well-known fact that our Marketing Head will only attend morning meetings if a Venti Americano (with two shots of espresso) is placed before her. Failure to do so results in a series of snarls, grunts and deathly glares. So, when we chanced upon Lush’s Cup O’ Coffee Mask, we knew we needed to buy it for her immediately. Here is our review.

Packed with powerful ingredients like coffee, cocoa extract and kaolin, this mask is available Lush’s customary black pot. Although the cap fits the pot perfectly, we found that some of the product had leaked out while travelling in our suitcase. The ingredients and directions are clearly stated on the packaging.

Lush Cup O’ Coffee Mask

On first glance, the mask truly looks like a coffee paste. As per the instructions, we spread it all over our body and left it to dry. The mask goes on smoothly, but it does have a slight sticky feeling to it. After roughly 5 minutes, we scrubbed it off using warm water. Although the scent of coffee entices us, the smell of this product turned out to be too strong for our liking.

The results? Soft, invigorated skin! The gritty texture of this mask gently buffs away dry skin and gives it a thorough cleansing. We found that the mask can cause irritation and redness on sensitive skin, but works wonders on the dry spots on our elbows and feet. Those with oily skin will also benefit from this mask, as it soaks up any excess grease instantly.

While this mask may not replace our morning dose of caffeine, it does provide a much needed boost to our skin. Rich, stimulating and cleansing, this mask should be used once a week to get baby soft skin. Just try not to add a spoon of it to your cappuccino!


5.2 oz – USD 10.95

11.4 oz – USD 19.95

Posted on October 13, 2015 and filed under Face Masks.