Review: Lush Bubble Gum Lip Scrub

Lush Bubble Gum Lip Scrub

Scrunchies, body glitter and Britney – some things just transport us to the ‘90s instantly! The same goes for Lush’s Bubble Gum Lip Scrub. With its sugary scent and characteristic colour, this lip scrub brought back memories of being an angsty teenager blowing bubbles while seated on the last bench. Since our lips have taken a beating lately, due to testing out multiple lipsticks (being a beauty blogger is no joke!), we decided to invest in this lip scrub in hopes of a miracle.

The scrub comes in a small glass pot with a plastic cap. The transparent pot allows the hot pink colour of the product to shine through. We love the simple, yet sturdy packaging as the lip scrub did not leak out despite being manhandled in our luggage. The ingredients and directions are printed clearly on the label.

Lush Bubble Gum Lip Scrub

As instructed, we applied a little amount of scrub on to our dry lips. Dipping your finger into the pot can get messy, so we recommend that you use a small spoon or Popsicle stick to help you out. Due to the granules, the texture feels slightly gritty but in a pleasant way. After a couple of minutes of rubbing our lips together, we used a tissue to wipe off the excess. If the delicious aroma and allure of sugar is too much to resist, feel free to lick off the scrub. For the sake of being thorough (and not at all due to the heavenly smell of sugar), we took a tiny taste and immediately wanted to eat the entire pot.

So, did all that restraint and exfoliating pay off? Absolutely! After using this product for several weeks, our previously flaky lips feel smooth and supple. All the dry, chapped bits have disappeared to leave behind super soft and plump lips. To really reap in the benefits, we recommend applying a thin layer of Vaseline after scrubbing your lips to keep them hydrated.

Whether you’ve roughed it out on a snowy peak, or used matte lipsticks all week (we understand), give your lips some TLC with this pretty scrub. Fair warning though, if you have a sweet tooth, kindly refrain from using this!

Price: USD 9.95

Posted on September 8, 2015 and filed under Lip Scrub.