Review: Kat Von D Ink Liner In 'Trooper'

Full disclosure: We are petrified of liquid liner. Our not-so-steady hands tremble at the thought of thin brushes and flowing liquids. However, on our most recent trip to Sephora (a.k.a Heaven on Earth), a sales rep recommended Kat Von D’s Ink Liner – which she claimed was fool-proof. Our skepticism turned into optimism, and we found ourselves buy the liner in ‘Trooper’, an ultra-black shade.

The liner is packaged like a pen, with a springy cap that prevents it from drying out. It comes with a felt tip applicator that boasts of being fray-proof. The silver star design on the pen gives it a chic and trendy feel.

A single stroke of the liner is all it takes! The felt tip applicator is stiff enough to provide a crisp line, yet has some flexibility to allow for winged tips and cat eyes. The formula went on smoothly to give an inky black, intense and glossy colour. Unlike other liquid liners, this one does not crack or peel on repeated application.

For girls with supremely oily eyelids (ahem, us), this liner is a saviour. Usually we prep our lids with primer, but decided to go naked with this liner. Imagine our surprise and joy when we found that it had stayed in place all day, without any fading, smudging or running! The colour remained glossy, without losing its depth or intensity.

For bold, precise and defined lines, this liner should be your pick. Draw on a thin line or try out a graphic design – either way, this product has you covered. Long lasting, water-proof and super easy to use, Kat Von D’s liner has officially converted us into liquid liner users.

Price: USD 19.00

Posted on April 14, 2015 and filed under Eye Liner.