Review: Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer In ‘Keep Up The Flame’

A girl can never have too many leggings or too many red nail lacquers! Sassy, sophisticated and glamorous, red nails are a true classic. When our eyes came across Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer in ‘Keep Up The Flame’, we knew we had to buy it.

The nail paint is packaged in a cylindrical glass bottle. The shade name and number is mentioned on top of the black plastic cap. The bottle is equipped with a small, flat brush for application.

The nail polish went on consistently and smoothly. The brush is a bit tinier than usual, so we needed a few extra swipes to cover up our nails. Two coats provide a fully opaque and shiny finish. The polish dries very quickly (in just about a minute!), so we recommend that you layer the coats as fast as possible to avoid any clumps.

‘Keep Up The Flame’ lives up to its name. The lacquer is a bold, fiery red that will suit all skin tones. It has a slight yellow undertone, which gives it an orange-red hue. Bright, punchy and summery, this shade is both elegant and fun.

As far as the longevity goes, the nail polish lasted for 3 days. Although it did chip on the 4th day, we were happy to see that the vibrancy had remained. The colour did lose some of its shine over the week, but a swipe of our top coat solved the issue.

All in all, we highly recommend that you buy this nail enamel. The creaminess, colour and price point totally make up for the cons. Available in 40 different shades, these nail paints should definitely be a beauty bag staple.


USA – USD 3.99

India – INR 75

Posted on April 7, 2015 and filed under Nail Polish.