Review: Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

To say that we are obsessed with the colour black, is an understatement. Nearly all of our staff dons at least one piece of black clothing every day, if not an all-black outfit. Thus, when we heard a rumour that Urban Decay’s Perversion Mascara gives bigger, blacker and badder lashes, we had to try it out! Here is our review.

The mascara comes in Urban Decay’s classic colour scheme. The metallized tube and purple lettering give it a cool, edgy vibe. The product comes with a densely packed brush that is slightly larger than the norm. The twisted trim design ensures that each lash is coated uniformly from root to tip.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

On the formula front, this mascara does not disappoint! The product has a creamy texture to it and floats through lashes easily to deposit an insanely black, glossy colour. For best results, we recommend that you slowly pull the wand through your lashes. However, the formula does take time to dry completely so be careful not to blink too much. Another plus point, lies in the number of coats it needs. Whilst we usually layer on two coats of mascara, a single swipe was enough with this product.

The results? Beyond amazing! The jet black pigment makes the base of our lashes look thicker and amps up the volume like no other. Our lashes stayed full and fluttery for 8 hours, without getting brittle or flaky. Even though the mascara did not lengthen our lashes much, the lush fringe it left behind made it totally worth the purchase.

Long lasting, hydrating and bold, this mascara makes falsies a thing of the past! Try it out for dramatic lashes that just won’t quit.

Price: USD 22.00

Posted on January 19, 2016 and filed under Mascara.