5 Surprising Ways To Use Vaseline In Your Beauty Routine!

What if we told you that you have a celebrity makeup essential sitting in your medicine cabinet? You probably won’t believe us, but it’s true! That innocuous bottle of Vaseline lying on your shelf has been curing chapped lips and dry skin since the beginning of time. But did you know that Vaseline can be used in your beauty routine? Here are 5 surprising uses for this little pot of magic.

1.     Illuminator

Got a spontaneous office after-party to attend, but your skin looks dull and lifeless? Splash on some cold water, and dab Vaseline onto your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose to get dewy, glowing skin.

2.     Nail Polish Application

Not all of us are blessed with surgeon-steady hands. Apply a tiny bit of Vaseline on the skin surrounding your nails before painting your nails. Now, you can clean up any straying nail polish easily without the use of acetone.

3.     Tame hair

Flyaways give us devil horns and our brows often have a mind of their own. Tame unruly hair by slicking it down with a small amount of Vaseline. Be careful to use as little as possible, or you will end up with greasy-looking hair.

4.     Remove lash glue

Rather than tugging and pulling your false lashes off, just apply a layer of Vaseline on your lash line. Wait a couple of minutes, and watch as your falsies peel away easily.

5.     Makeup Remover

If your girls’ night out turned into an unexpected sleepover, don’t worry! Spread Vaseline onto a cotton pad and use it to take off eye makeup. Be sure to wash your eyes later to prevent irritation.

Isn’t it amazing how an old-school favourite can replace so many of our makeup items? Comment and let us know how you use Vaseline in your beauty routine!

Posted on March 10, 2015 and filed under Highlighter, Nail Polish, Makeup Remover, Hair.