How To Colour Correct Like A Pro!

How To Colour Correct Like A Pro!

We’ve always said that makeup is art. Drawing on a fierce, cat-eye takes talent, whilst nail art requires a whole boatload of skills. Which is why, we aren’t surprised with the colour correcting craze that has been floating around Instagram.

Based on the theory of the colour wheel, this technique uses a neutralizing shade to tackle your skin woes. Although it may seem intimidating to use green, purple and orange hues across your face, these colours actually work really well to give you a balanced complexion. Still confused? Read on to see how you can use this method to counteract your skin problems.

1. Dark Circles

How many times have you used a concealer on your under eye circles, only to discover that it’s left a weird, grey cast on it? To prevent this from happening, dot on peach-toned hue prior to applying your concealer.

2. Zits

We all know the horror of waking up with a gigantic pimple! To lessen the redness of your blemish, pat on a green-toned product directly on top of it. Blend well and follow up with your favourite concealer.

3. Unevenness

If you suffer from hyperpigmentation or have dark spots scattered across your face, opt for orange. This tint will even out your complexion to give you a smooth base. Layer on a foundation to get a flawless finish.

4. Dullness

Add a shot of radiance to your skin with the help of purple! Not only will it minimize the dull, yellow tones in your skin, but will also perk up your face within minutes. Remember to try this out before applying foundation.

5. Rosacea

Flushed skin looks pretty… but only in certain doses! Nullify the red in your skin by using a yellow-toned corrector. Top it up with foundation for further coverage.

Whilst this trend may be too much to incorporate into our daily routine, it will definitely help when we need an extra pick-me-up! Are you willing to try it out?

Posted on September 7, 2016 and filed under Colour Corrector.