7 Things To Discuss With Your Wedding Makeup Artist

7 Things To Discuss With Your Wedding Makeup Artist

The world may fuss about what clothes or accessories you are wearing at your nuptials, but beauty-lovin’ ladies know that the right makeup can make or break your look. Since we know you are busy dealing with the decor, invites and the general madness that surrounds a wedding, we’ve come up with 7 points that you need to discuss with your makeup artist.

1. How You Envision Yourself

Whether it’s all about glamour or a natural look, you need to communicate your vision to your makeup artist! Feel free to show them pictures so that they can get a clear idea of what you expect.

2. What They Specialise In

Although most professionals are able to create all kinds of looks, they may excel at contouring or smoky eyes. If you approve of their forte, go all out and opt for it!

3. What Kind Of Products They Use

The last thing you want on your big day is a breakout or redness! Let your beauty squad know what type of skin you have and ask them which brands they will be using. We recommend that you schedule a trial at least a month in advance to see how the products will react to your skin.

4. The Budget

Don’t get awkward about discussing money. Ask for a detailed list of services that will be included in your budget. You definitely don’t want to be forking over extra cash on your big day, just for a fresh manicure!

5. How Much Time They Require

Being late to your own celebrations is a recipe for disaster! Talk to the pros about how long they will take to make you look like your best self. Add in another 15 minutes to that time and you will be right on schedule.

6. How To Prep In Advance

Should you be drinking 8 glasses of water a day? Or using a particular serum? Whilst a trip to the dermatologist is always a good idea, we’ve found that makeup artists have a ton of tricks up their sleeve, which will help you get glowing, clear skin.

7. Which Lipstick Will They Be Using

Yes, you read that right! Between all the smiling, small talk and discreet snacking, your lip colour will wear off. Ask your makeup artist if they are willing to provide you with a small sample of the lipstick that they will be applying, so that you can use it for touch-ups during the day. Better yet, request them to find a shade from your own collection that matches the one they are using!

Print out these queries and make an appointment. We’ve got your back.