An 11-Step Guide To Doing Your Own Wedding Makeup

An 11-Step Guide To Doing Your Own Wedding Makeup

Whether you are a beauty addict or a bride looking to stay within a budget, there are numerous reasons to do your own wedding makeup. If you are still freaking out at the thought, then consider this – no one knows your features as well as you do! To help you out with this mammoth task, here’s a step-by-step guide to looking your flawless best.

Step One: Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

It’s amazing what a little moisturising can do to your complexion. Massage an oil-free cream across your face and neck to hydrate and firm up your skin. Use a heavier formula around your eyes to blur out wrinkles.

Step Two: Prime Your Face

For a long lasting look, you will need to cocktail a few primers. We recommend using a mattifying product for your T-zone and an illuminating one for the cheeks. Don’t forget to use an eye shadow primer too.

Step Three: Ace Your Base

Create an even canvas by using a damp makeup sponge to apply your foundation. For a natural look, remember to extend the colour down your neck.

Step Four: Conceal Like An Expert

As much as we hate it, dark circles and zits can pop up on your big day. Use a colour correcting orange beneath your concealer for perkier eyes, and a green-toned one to cancel out the redness of a pimple.

Step Five: Start Blushing

Keep your face from looking flat by adding a pop of colour to your cheeks. As a thumb rule, start the application at a two-finger distance from your nose. Rosy pinks and warm apricot shades are the most flattering ones.

Step Six: Sweep On The Shadow

The key here is to stick to what you are comfortable with – whether it’s a neutral look or a smoky eye. Shimmery formulas are your best bet, as they will make you look more wide-eyed and alert.

Step Seven: Lash And Line

When it comes to your lashes, this is definitely an occasion that calls for falsies! Individual clusters look most natural, but a strip of lashes is the easiest to apply. However, if you haven’t mastered the art of false lashes, turn to waterproof mascara. Finish off by applying a thin line of black or navy liner.

Step Two: Brow Up

Fierce brows are absolutely essential. Opt for an eyebrow pencil to define and fill in your brows. Don’t forget to diffuse the colour with a spoolie.

Step Nine: Get Glowing

Now for the fun part! Grab a creamy highlighter and swipe it along the planes of your face. Avoid formulas with glitter, as they tend to look garish in pictures.

Step Ten: Layer Your Lipstick

The secret behind a pout that lasts through all the sipping, snacking and kissing? Layering. First, prep your lips with a thick balm. Once you’ve given the balm sufficient time to sink in, wipe off the excess. Then, use a liner all across your pout as a base. Finally, top it off with two coats of lipstick.

Step Eleven: Set Wisely

White powders and HD formulas are a strict no-no as they show up in flash photography. Instead, mist on a setting spray to lock down your look.

We hope this guide will ease all your nerves. Do let us know how it all turns out by sending across a selfie!

P.S. If you’ve opted for a makeup artist, here are a few things you need to discuss.