Summer Proof Your Makeup Routine

Summer Proof Your Makeup Routine

Pros of summer:

-       Frozen margaritas

-       Beaches

-       An excuse to wear casual clothes all day

Cons of summer:

-       Oily skin

-       Crazy humidity

-       Smudged makeup

Although we love this sunny season, the makeup addicts in us can’t help but sigh at the obvious disadvantages of the weather. Since we can’t forgo our beauty routine (till death do us apart!), we’ve found a few quick fixes to ensure that our look stays in place.

1. Prime Before You Prep

Mattifying primers are the superheroes we need. Use them all over or just on your T-zone to prevent your foundation from sliding around. Plus, these tubes will stop you from looking shiny in all those #summerselfies!

2. Blot, Powder, Blot

This trick is a multi-purpose one! To keep the greasiness at bay, pat a blotting paper across your face at regular intervals. Touch it up with a pinch of translucent powder to ensure that all the oil gets sopped up. You can even use this three-step method to make sure that your bright lipstick stays put all day.

3. Setting Spray Is Bae

Repeat this mantra after us! The minute you put the final touches on your look, mist a setting spray over it. This easy step can prevent any smudging, fading or streaking of your makeup.

With these tricks up your sleeve, the hot temperature will be no match for your fiery look! Try them out and let us know what you think.