5 Wavy Hair Tips Every Girl Needs To Know

5 Wavy Hair Tips Every Girl Needs To Know

I’d like to believe that wavy hair has the best of both worlds. With the help of good mousse and diffuser, you can flaunt some beautiful curls. On the other hand, you can coax your way into pin-straight locks with a flat iron. However, on most days wavy hair can tend to get frizzy and limp. Since I’m all about playing up the natural texture of my hair, I decided to let you in on a few secrets that will literally take your waves to the next level.

1. Microfiber Towels Are Your New Best Friends

Are you still using a regular bath towel to dry your locks? If so, stop now! Instead, invest in a microfiber towel and blot your hair to get rid of excess moisture. This simple swap is far kinder on your strands and will help tame frizz from the get-go.

2. Work When Damp

Rather than piling on styling creams once your hair is dry, start using them on damp locks. Oils, creams and leave-in conditioners should be used when your mane is about 50% to 70% dry to get the maximum out of them. Remember to start with a small amount and then add more as necessary. Those of you with oily hair should skip the roots completely.

3. Get Handsy

Once you’ve added in your product of choice, it’s time to use your hands. To get defined waves, divide your tresses into 4 to 6 sections. Then, twist your strands like a rope. If your waves tend to fall flat after a few hours, you can scrunch each section to get a little bounce. Leave them in twists until they are completely dry. For more definition, you can braid your strands instead of twisting them.

4. Add Texture If Required

Once your hair is completely dry, assess the situation. If your waves are too loose for your liking, spritz on a wave or salt spray to enhance them. Repeat the twist-and-scrunch motion again for more texture.

5. Seal It In

To get that glossy, tousled and smooth look, it’s imperative to seal your mane. Dispense a pump of your favourite frizz-fighting serum or hair oil onto your palms and rub them together. Then, gently press the product in from the ends to the mid-lengths.

Do you have any more tips on dealing with wavy hair? Leave a comment below and share your experience!

Posted on April 3, 2019 and filed under Hair.