7 Hacks To Get The Most Out Of Your Sheet Mask

7 Hacks To Get The Most Out Of Your Sheet Mask

Some people hoard clothes, whilst others have a stash of old mementos that they can’t give up. Our weakness? Sheet masks. From acne busters to collagen boosters, our sheet mask stockpile has begun to rival that of Sephora’s. Since we obviously want to get the most out of our products, we’ve figured out a few hacks to make them perform even better.  Read on to see them all.

1. Store Your Mask In The Refrigerator

We often put on a sheet mask to soothe our irritated skin after a gruelling workout or skin extraction. By storing your masks in the fridge, you can get the added benefit of a cooling sensation, which really helps in calming your skin down.

2. Put On A Mask Whilst Taking A Bath

Alternatively, use a hydrating mask when you are soaking in a bathtub. The steam from the water will open up your pores and allow the ingredients to seep in.

3. Customize The Fit

How often do you find a mask that fits the contours of your face perfectly? We know - rarely. To ensure that you get a snug fit, snip off any excess corners or cut the mask horizontally into two parts so that you can you stick it on effortlessly.

4. Apply It Correctly

We are often guilty of just slapping on a sheet mask and waiting for it to dry. Instead, it’s better to slowly press on your mask downwards, starting from your forehead. Once it’s on properly, lightly massage your face so that the active ingredients can absorb into your skin.

5. Multi-Mask

Yes, you read the correct. Slip on some eye patches beneath your sheet mask to amp up the hydrating effect and cut down on your masking time.

6. Go For Consecutive Masks

Although it may seem like overkill to use two masks in succession, the results make it worthwhile. Since your face will already be moist due to the first mask, the second one will be able to penetrate easily. Similarly, apply any serums or treatments after masking to increase their absorption.

7. Re-Use The Excess

You know how there’s always a bit of essence remaining in the packet? Slather it your neck and chest to give them a bit of a boost. Or, mix it with distilled water to create a DIY mist.

With these tricks up your sleeve, your skin will be glowing in no time!


Posted on July 26, 2017 and filed under Masks, Skincare, Skincare Masks, Sheet Masks.